Last week, the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) released its “e-business” report, which includes search, social media and news and information sites.  Social media held steady, while the search and online news sectors declined when compared with last year.

Customer satisfaction in the aggregate “search engines” had dropped by 1.3 points.  Microsoft properties (MSN, Bing) suffered the largest declines vs. 2016 of 4 and 3 points respectively.  Compared to last year, Google was off by two points.

When measurement began in 2002, Google’s score was 80 out of 100.  The best score the company had gotten was 86.

As a category, social media was stable.  But, there was a movement among the individual players. When it came to the highest satisfaction, Google+ won with 81 points.  According to the report, its redesign and the addition of new features was the key to this win.

The second highest score went to Pinterest at 78 points.  The biggest gainer was Twitter, who surpassed even Facebook.

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