facebook-76536_1280According to the Financial Times, Facebook has been working on a corporate offering product that can compete in the estimated 1 billion dollar space.

Based on what FT has said, this service would look similar to what Facebook looks like now, with groups and newsfeeds and the like, but there would be no personal updates.  This certainly sounds like it would be different from the Facebook that we know it.  This could be something like Microsoft’s Yammer or the recently funded Slack.

Because of the hottness that is Slack, the social corporate space is a pretty hot thing right now, and Facebook hasn’t set foot in this area yet.

If this becomes a successful venture for Facebook, this could prove to be a profitable thing for them.  It’s possible, according to FT, that the service probably wouldn’t have an initial cost upon launch, and could give Facebook new advertising options.

An issue that Facebook would face in this business prospect deals with Facebook Ads and the B2B aspect.  Most accounts are quite personal, and that alone could limit their targeting ability.  Even without the aspect of ads, since FT didn’t even bring them up, Facebook at Work could be considered a rival for LinkedIn in the B2B space.

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