In an event set for October 4, Google is ready to reveal the Pixel 2 smartphone and possibly even other hardware.  This will be just in time for holiday shopping.  Even though the Pixel 2 will be the main focus at the event, there will be a prominent support for the new “Google Home Mini.”

It seems that that this new product is is Google’s answer to the low-cost Amazon Echo Dot.  It’ll be priced comparably at $49 and be available in three colors, according to Droid Life.

Image credit: Droid Life

Not only will the device provide the same functionality as Google Home, it’ll also support the Google Assistant.  Based on how much it’ll cost, it’s pretty certain that the sound quality isn’t going to be as good.  To help bring the costs down on the device, there very well could be other hardware compromises to the Google Home Mini.

Amazon has created multiple Alexa devices for different budgets:

  • Dot — $49
  • Echo Tap — $129
  • Echo — $179
  • Echo Show — $229

Amazon’s devices are often discounted and offers multiple purchase incentives, including on the Dot.  Google on the other hand, who has only introduced the Home, which goes for $129 normally, is often discounted to $99.  Apple’s HomePod will retail for $349 and is positioned as a higher-end smart speaker for the Sonos demographic.

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