IN a recent B2B Website Usability Report, it was reported that, in a survey among buyers, a massive majority of people won’t buy due to social media.  In other words, social media and blogging has little traction in influencing B2B buying.  Only 6% of the total surveyed said that social media played a role in their B2B purchasing decision.  Only 22% was actually interested in vendor blog content.

Social Media Logotype BackgroundThe survey, which was conducted by Diana Huff of DH Communications and KoMarketing Associates, focused mainly on what B2B buys expected from a vender website.  In total, only 175 surveys were completed.  Among the survey takers were C-level executives, managers and directors, among other professional types.

Because less than 200 surveys were completed, we should probably take these results with a grain of salt.  At the same time, this small survey does have some potential of giving us some valuable insight as to what’s going on in the minds of some B2B buyers.

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Report: Only 6% Of Buyers Claim Social Media Impacts B2B Buying Process