A new RankRanger report released has been released, and according the data found in it, a good ranking in YouTube search doesn’t mean that that same video will rank just as well in the video carousel in Google search, and vice versa.

In this study, it shows that the algorithm for YouTube search rankings is quite different from Google’s search algorithm for videos in the video carousels.

155 video carousel keywords were looked at in the study, and were then compared to the URLs rank in the YouTube search results.  According to the results, although the the video that appeared in the first carousel on Google search, the same video had an average rank of position 14 in the YouTube search results.  The following chart shows by video card placement number how the video ranks in YouTube for the same query:

Even with grouping video carousels by packs of three, so only the next videos are shown, and then the next three, the chances that you’re video will rank well in YouTube search as well as the first three cards weren’t very high.  In the chart below, you’ll see the percentage of times each Google video carousel card ranks within the certain ranges of position in YouTube.

You can learn more about this study and the data, with a lot more examples, at RankRanger.

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