Report: Top Domains In Google With Winners & Losers For 2015

Moz Dr. Peter Meyers has published Moz’s top winning and losing domains in the Google search results for 2015.

Every day, Moz tracks about 10,000 keywords, and as of December 1, 2015, the company released the top ten domains that gets the most exposure across these 10,000 keywords.

Moz top 10 domains google

Ironically, despite the face that, based on the reports, Wikipedia took a hit this year in the Google search results, Wikipedia is still dominating the list.  Although Wikipedia did take a dive this year, being the second-most-impacted top domain of the year (in terms of search visibility loss), the site still managed to hang on to number one on that list.

The following list includes the top losers of 2015:

Moz big losers

So, if likes of likes of Twitter, Wikipedia, ebay and Pinterest lost the most over the stretch of 2015, who were the big winners?

Moz big winners

Now that we have seen the top losers and winners of the year, who is the most improved domain of 2015?  Looking at the following list, we see that the top honors goes to the likes of Etsy, who got an amazing 156 percent improvement, and Instagram and Groupon, who saw a 123 and 90 percent increase, respectively.

Most gained moz

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