Mobile-AdvertisingWhen we look at the July data from comScore, we find that smartphone apps are now constituting 50 percent of all digital media time.  This is an increase from 44 percent about a year ago.

Overall, the amount of digital media time spent with mobile is now at a massive 68 percent, where as the desktop is commanding a mere 32 percent of everybody’s digital attention.

At this point, this news is not surprising at all, and at this point, there is a number of immediate takeaways and implications that come from this data.  The first point is that we’re currently living in a cross-platform world, and mobile is just without question.


If there’s anybody who says that all platforms should be treated equally, is a bit misguided.  This doesn’t mean that any platform should be neglected, but the dominant one should carry a little bit more weight when it comes treatment.  The smartphone experience should be considered the first and primary platform, and the failure to a good mobile experience will compromise any amount of work you’ve put into your site.

Even though the desktop’s share of digital is shrinking, it’s still dominating online conversions.  The reason behind this is due to bad mobile experiences.  There are number of brands, retailers and publishers are still very desktop-centric, and will treat mobile as a secondary supplement to the PC experience.  It should be treated as the other way around.


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