In a study by MediaRadar, in 2018, YouTube saw a 51 percent ad renewal rate among brands, with an 11 percent increase in revenue year over year.  Three brands, Samsung, Disney and Geico accounted for 15.5 percent of YouTubes ad revenue in 2018.

The relatively high retention rate that YouTube has been able to keep indicates that the company adequately satisfied brands’ concerns about platform safety with measures it’s taken since 2017.

“Despite brand safety challenges, YouTube bounced back and saw strong growth year-over-year. It [YouTube] has been transparent, mostly about its mistakes and has delivered remedies to buyers,” said MediaRadar CEO and co-founder Todd Krizelman, “Few advertisers have stopped buying on the platform and ad revenue is up.”

According to the report, over 30 percent of YouTube’s ad revenue in 2018 was represented by media and entertainment.

The top selling brand was Geico, who made up to 6 percent of YouTube ad revenue in 2018.  MediaRadar found that Geico had increased their YouTube spending by 40 percent year over year last year.  Disney accounted for 4 percent of YouTube ad revenue, with Samsung at 5.5 percent.

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