keyword-research-headerKeyword research – it is the first step in beginning the search marketing journey, but also the most important element of the entire process. Whatever keywords you, the marketer, chooses can determine how well or how badly your campaign will go further down the road.   It should go without saying – choose your keywords wisely.

So how do we typically obtain our precious keywords?  We uses the routes most commonly traveled, such as website analytics and keyword tools like Google Keyword Planner.  These are great ways to find out what others are search for based on your starting term.

But that’s just the problem.  These tools are only providing an adjacent look on what others might be searching for based on that initial search term.  Although these terms are certainly valuable, it’s still pretty limiting when it comes to helping us gain a true picture of how people are searching for your products or service.

Columnist  decided to share data and insights from a recent study by Blue Nile Research that can actually change the way you think about keyword research.  It’s all about looking at it from a different angle.

So what is this different angle in which I speak?  Check out Nathan’s post on Search Engine Land and see how it can change your view on keyword research!  Follow the link provided below to read his post!

Search Engine Land: Research Reveals The Distinct Ways Users Search