RWDFor anybody that has been living under a rock for a while now should learn real quick that when it comes to purchasing online, mobile is a really big part of buying things online these days.  Because so many more people these days are using iPhones, Android devices and other mobile devices, it’s only natural to assume that these people are going to be making purchases online through these mobile devices.

Also, by looking at Google Trends, responsive design is a big thing right now.  Responsive design is an approach to web desig that is aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience.  This means being able to navigate the site and easily read content with little or no resizing, panning and scrolling.

But, should responsive design be used for mobile ecommerce?  , a writer for Moz has asked the question that if responsive design is the best solution for mobile ecommerce, “how can you implement responsive design in the best possible way for your online shop?

In Jesse’s column, he discusses the potential advantages your mobile site can have with responsive design, but also shows the potential downside of responsive design as well.  Jesse will help you along when it comes to deciding if responsive design is a good thing or not for your mobile website.

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