Why Responsive Email? Making A Case Internally

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HpEmail has been a staple to businesses for I can’t remember how long.  Most of my computer using life I’ve been utilizing email.  This simple form of communication has been going strong to this day.  Did you know that, according to industry statistics, half of all emails that are opened now are on a mobile device?  But it seems that most brands and companies aren’t providing the right kind of customer experience that they should be with responsive email design.

A vast majority, about 70% of consumers will immediately delete emails because they aren’t rendering well on their mobile device.  This isn’t a good statistic.  Here’s something to consider.  It’s actually more quick and efficient to build an email from a responsive email template than building one using a traditional HTML email template.  This alone should help shift the consensus in the minds of most companies.  Who doesn’t want a faster, more effective way of getting emails out to their customers?

And here lies the key issues.  Efficiency.  If those in management positions listen to the benefits to responsive email design, it’s almost a no brainer that more companies would make the switch over to responsive emails.  Companies love faster ways to do things.

Cara Olson has written an article for Marketing Land that talks about how to create responsive email templates and design.  You’ll not only find out what makes it faster, but how the responsive emails are designed.

To read more, check out Cara’s full article on Marketing Land here:

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