Google-Logo-plain-featuredAfter visiting and reading up on an article this morning on Moz, I realized something.   wrote an article where she brought up a good point that I didn’t realize before.  Out of all online marketers, SEOs are the people who deal very little, if at all, with those who actually visit the websites we work on.  Every other individual in the field has more to do with online site visitors than SEOs.

As Kristina stated, writers write for readers, designers will design for visitors, social media managers directly connect with users, and PPC’ers will watch visitors responses to ads through CTR.  So, in that case, an SEO is the least people person that that there is.  But, if SEOs don’t work with the people that visit their sites, than who do they go to?  Well, they to Google in order to give advice as to what to do.

Since Google is in the business of knowing the thoughts and concerns of visitors to their own site,, in hind site, SEOs do eventually have an impact on the visitors to a site.  This is due to the fact that the techniques we employ are meant to attract people to our sites via the search engines (like Google!).

In Kristina’s article on Moz, she discusses some of the top white-hat SEO strategies from 2010, the year she began working with SEO, and how you should handle them in 2013.

Follow the link below to read the full article on Moz: