Is Your Retargeting Missing The Bullseye?

Target So you have a website that’s doing all right.  You’re bringing in the visitors as well as conversions.  After a while, you’ve managed to get yourself a captive audience that continues to come to your site.  Because of this, you want to begin your retargeting efforts to bring those who have converted back to your site so that they can re-enter the funnel and possibly make another conversion.

But there may end up being a problem.  You have to watch out for retargeting traps.  One trap to look out for is to put all your money into retargeting since you’ve seen the numbers and realized that the conversion rate seems to be pretty sweet.  You can imagine how that isn’t a very wise way to spend your money.

Another trap you’ve got to look out for, simply, is bad math.  Regardless of how well your retargeting efforts are doing, it’s pretty easy to miss out on huge opportunities.  Even if your efforts are paying off, there are always ways you could be doing even better.  Even if the campaign you have isn’t broken by any means, it could still use a little tweaking here and there.

Susan Esparza has an article on Marketing Land that talks about just that….making improvement on whats already there in your campaign through retargeting.  To check out Susan’s post, head on over to Marketing Land and read up!  Just follow the link below.

Marketing Land: Is Your Retargeting Missing The Bullseye?