Revenue Paralysis: The Cost of Website Ignorance

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Ignorance-is-blissAre you a business owner?  I’m sure many of you are.  Those of you who do own your own business are doing your best to grow, to expand.  But be warned.  Business growth can be good.  But too much of anything, even something that is good, can turn ugly fast.

As business owners and marketers, we love the idea of knowing that we are increasing the bottom line.  Hey, more money is more money for us to spend back into the business right?  We want out websites bigger, more elaborate, more products to sell.  We want more and more ways to link bait and get our links out there for people to see.

But after a while, this is where things can start going downhill.  We start getting too big for our britches.  The website that you worked so hard to build up suddenly begins to get cluttered, and the very foundation of what made your site good is now almost degrading, causing you to lose revenue.

This is where you need to take a step back, clear your head of the idea that you always have to grow, grow, grow, all the time.  All of the clutter that has now been stockpiled needs to be identified and fixed.  If this can be done, it’s possible to to re-obtain your revenue potential.

Josh Smith’s article, named Revenue Paralysis: The Cost of Website Ignorance, is all about what was talked about above.  Josh’s piece is all about taking a step by step approach to calculate the potential ROI for fixing and maintaining website architecture.

To read more in-depth detail about what you can do to get your site back on track, check out Josh’s article by following the link below.

Revenue Paralysis: The Cost of Website Ignorance

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