Full Disclosure: I know Scott Hendison (creator of SEO Automatic) personally, and serve along side him on the SEMpdx.org Board of Directors.  That said – this is my independent, non-sponsored review of the SEO Automatic application for iPhone.  So here you go…

I downloaded this app last month, and have used it several time, for several client websites, and even used it to check my own work on www.99seoReports.com.  It’s nice to at least get confirmation that all is well. 

I have used the regular version of SEO Automatic at Scott Hendison’s site, and I think the information is pretty valuable.  It’s great to have one place to go to check your titles, Meta tags, header tags, keyword use, and a myriad of technical elements like HTML file size, canonical URL, and more.

So how does the iPhone app stand up to the regular version?  It’s awesome.  it IS SEOautomatic, just in a mobile form.  And let’s not forget, you get all the same great info, but for a $10 one-time fee, rather than a monthly fee like the web version.

So is it all perfect?  Well, no.  As an SEO consultant of 10 years myself, I would like to see a little more meat in the report – but I’m a bit biased… and some would say picky.  😉

For instance, I love that the tool checks for the robots.txt file.  But even if the file is there, it might be totally screwed up.  Scott has installed comments to this affect – but the tool does not actually look at the robots.txt file for accuracy and give fix-recommendations.  I would LOVE to see it go that extra mile.

Really though, that’s about all I can complain about.  The SEO Automatic tool looks at pretty much everything you would need to know to properly optimize your site.  Some might complain that the tool is cluttered with “un-needed” details like the Meta Keyword tag – but I’m with Scott on this one… even if an item doesn’t seem to be what Google is resting their hat on right now, that doesn’t mean it won’t be a more important factor later.

There are also thousands to small, unknown search engines out there; many of which are quietly trying to find a hole in Google’s armour so they can be the next big thing.  Some of these guys may be looking at elements that Google has passed on long ago.

My point is, why not follow best practices, cover all of your bases, and be better prepared ANY time the engines decide to swap the weights around in their algorithm?  I really like the fact that SEO Automatic looks at all the little details – not just today’s HOT items.

Oh, and one request for Mr. Hendison… maybe you could bold the header of each section?  I was getting a little confused about where one section ended and another began.

Thumbs up, green light, or whatever you want to label it – I vote ‘YES’ for the SEO Automatic iPhone app, and I highly recommend you kick in the $10 to get it yourself.