google-eu-200pxLast week, the number of those requesting under Europe’s ruling to being forgotten had been up to 12,000.  Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, those 12,000 requests have risen to 41,000, almost a 3.5 times the increase from the first week.  The amount of people using Google’s provided form have decreased a bit since last week, but even so, the amount coming in to Google is certainly keeping them on their toes.

It can only be imagined what the number is going to become in only a few more weeks.  Regardless of what the numbers will tell, Google will be up to their necks in work.  With such numbers constantly coming in, it’s probably going to require a larger staff to keep up with the demand.  According to the Search Engine Land post,  not a single country in Europe has created a process that will help address RTBF.

It doesn’t help that all Google has done is pretty much put up the form.

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