twitter-logoIf you’re a user of the TweetDeck Windows app, we have some sad news for you.  Twitter has announced that TweetDeck will be changing to a more seamless login experience, and will no longer support on the standalone Windows app.

The folks that use TweetDeck knows that they have to log into the app separately on top of logging into  At this moment, moving between both apps won’t require logging into both separately.  The cookies are finally being shared across platforms.

Although TweetDeck isn’t being phased out completely, Twitter said that they’re not going to support the Windows standalone TweetDeck application after the 15th of April, in order to keep the experience seamless across the web.  Rather, if there are users who want to use TweeDeck will have to access TweetDeck within their browser directly at

Overall, it seems that a small group of users will be affected by this change, as there is a number of advocates that would much rather use the Windows-executable version of TweetDeck instead of the browser-based version.  There is a small number of this group that has taken to Twitter to voice their concern.

For the time being, Twitter is going to focus on the TweetDeck web product, and just like they’ve done over the last several months, will focus on teams, group direct messages, confirmations before tweeting and search filters.

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