The Rise Of Paid SEO Thru Advanced Targeting

Seo perfect company It seemed so long ago that doing SEO could be considered pretty easy when compared to now, when Google has put down the hammer on many of the old SEO schemes and easy tactics that we used to know and love.  For a long time, SEO professionals were able to simply use PPC to get the results they wanted.  They could use PPC to field test a strategy before coming out with a full-blown SEO strategy.

But because of Google’s giant hammer of might crushing the schemes and tactics that made SEO what is was, it may just be time for SEOs to look towards new technologies and pay for content promotion.  Audience engagement has finally reared it’s head, and it’s time we embrace it.

For quite a while, retargeting and PPC for content wasn’t ever really all that easy.  Why?  Because getting the budget to do it was pretty difficult.  But it seems that’s not really the case anymore.with current content amplification and retargeting based on various data sources.  Right now, there seems to be a trend where you can use PPC to further your outreach and SEO goals.

David Konigsberg has written an article for YouMoz where he gives you an overview of some of the advanced targeting options that is available to us today.  Just follow the link below to read all about it!

You Moz: The Rise Of Paid SEO Thru Advanced Targeting