The Role Content Plays In B2B Social Selling

Social media time suck When you’re working to get the word out about your B2B business, you need to find a way that you can do it as effectively as possible, all while keeping within your budgets.  Anybody who hasn’t lived under a rock and knows anything about the internet could tell you that you should be using social media to be getting your message out.  Not only can you get your message out, but it really doesn’t cost anything to use Twitter, Facebook or Google+.

Social has become a hotbed of activity as there are businesses and organizations found in every industry that are trying to leverage social platforms and social networks, and it’s more than just getting their marketing message out there to the masses.  Here are some of the things these organizations are trying to do with social:

  • Promote products and services that they offer
  • Find leads
  • Make a connection that could lead to bonding with prospects
  • Provide important information to their followers
  • Push sales through the purchase funnel

All of these are great goals to aim for.  After all, they are all important in running an important business.  But, I’m about to say something that will make your brain melt because its been said over and over again.  Content is king.

If you don’t have content for your B2B site, then no amount of social will really reap you any benefits.  No social network will work if you don’t have any content to build it around.

 has done some research, as well as worked with a large global brand on social selling that has helped her come up with a short list of some basic selling content factors that could help any B2B organization.

Her list can be found on the Marketing Land site in a post called The Role Content Plays In B2B Social Selling.

Check it out now!