Facebook.HashtagOn the internet these days, there seems to be these services called social networks.  One of the more popular social networks out there these days is a little something called Facebook.  Perhaps you’ve heard of it?  I’m sure you have, as it’s a pretty huge thing these days.  After all, as of March 206, there’s 1.09 billion users on the social network.  With a user base of this size, this is a marketer’s dream come true.

But with this many users using Facebook, you’d think that getting your ads out there would be a cinch.  But even with over a billion users out there using the same site, there are still a lot of challenges that you, as a marketer, are going to be facing.  As click-through rates drop and competition increases, it’s incredibly important that you run a conversion-focused Facebook ad campaign.

There is a post written by  that shares four different things that you can do to create a Facebook campaign that brings not just traffic, but actual leads.  If you’re interested in seeing what these four conversion tips for increasing leads and getting the most out of Facebook, check out Khalid’s post on Marketing Land!

Marketing Land: How To Run A Conversion-Focused Facebook Ads Campaign