Salary ComparisonHave you ever wondered, as an SEO, what other SEOs make compared to you?  Are you making more then others on average, or less?  Or, are you making the average amount for somebody in your position?  Not long ago, Moz released their latest Industry Survey results for 2014, where 3700 marketers from around the globe were surveyed about SEO.

Using Survey Monkey, the Moz team was able to use their new data several different ways that would allow them to see insights that they wouldn’t have seen before.  One of the data points they looked at in detail were online marketers salaries.  By using this salary data, people can actually make better decisions when it comes to your career.

 wrote an blog post for Moz that describes in greater detail about what was found within the data from their survey.  To read all about it, you can follow the link below.

Moz Post:  How Your Salary Compares To Online Marketers Across The World