ConflictWhen working in an office or what ever place of business you are working at, at face value, you would think that everybody would be friendly with each other and almost act like a family.  After all, as a place of work, everybody is ultimately on the same team, all working towards the same goals…to stay in business, make a profit and succeed.

But, that’s not always the case.  There is usually going to be some level of inter-office competition between different departments.  Hell, you’ll see down right rivalries between them.  There are probably going to be those times when each department are bad mouthing each other from within their own sanctums of the office.  Chances are, you know that which ever team you’re being a part of, you can probably be assured that another team is saying something bad about yours.

This is probably the case with the sales team and yours…the marketing team.  Even when you think that person in the sales team isn’t a bad person, heck, they are probably a hoot to hangout with, but they just aren’t easy to please on a professional level.  But it’s not like your team is the only one that has stuff being said about them.  The sales team isn’t exactly a peach to work with either.  After all, who isn’t perfect to work with ALL the time?

 knows that the first step to get to this sort of conflict resolution is to understand your opponent’s position.  Instead of getting pissed off the moment somebody says something that you don’t agree with, try to listen to their side first.  By listening instead of getting instantly defensive you may actually get down to the reason why there’s a problem between your and their team.

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