Back n December, Barry Schwarts sat down and talked with Sarah Teach, an Evergreen Content SEO Lead at the Motley Fool. Together, they spoke about RVs, heartfelt SEO and conscious capitalism.

Sarah discussed how you need to write for the person reading your content. You need to be able to connect with the reader in a deep and emotional level. This most be don in a direct and caring manner when you speak to them about their loved ones, their child, parents and the like. She said in an example, rather than calling them “the patient,” you would make it more personal by calling them “you child” or “your loved one.’ To Sarah, this style of writing helps improve how you rank in Google search.

Conscious SEO is about being conscious about all stake holders with your content, including employees, customers, shareholders and anyone else who might be reading your content.

Sarah Teach can be followed on Twitter @SarahTheTeach and here is the video interview:

SourceBarry Schwartz