content-writingOne of my favorite parts of working in my field is being able to write content.  Some writing projects can be much more difficult to do than others, but at least it’s not the technical aspect of the other parts of SEO, like AdWords.  One of the things that makes writing challenging is that you want to draw other people into your post.  Can you make them enjoy what you’ve written?  Will it be good enough to share?  There in lies the difficulty of writing content.

To top it off, t here’s yet another challenge that many content writers face in the business of SEO and online marketing.  They must write, not only for their own site, but they must write content for companies other than yours.  That’s where things can get a little more stressful, since you have to make sure your content is impressive enough to keep readers coming in, but coming back.  The one you really have to impress are the guys in upper management of the company you’re writing for.

So here is where things come together in this post.   has a post on Moz that is great for those creating content and are trying to make great content for clients.  There are three major questions that she covers in her post

1. How do you build great content when you’re not the expert?
2. How do you make content generation more efficient and scalable?
3. How do you build great content with contract writers?

Mackenzie will answer these questions, which will help you on your way to creating content that everybody will be happy with.  To check out the full post, along with the answers to the mentioned questions, check out the link below.

Moz Blog: Scaling Up the Effort: The Process Behind Great (Contracted) Content