scaleIn late November of this year,  how manual link building isn’t going away in 2016, even though there were those who felt that it was going to disappear in the next year.

In the post, Andrew talks about how links will provide further marketing value for a multitude of reasons, including:

  • Establishing online connections.
  • Tapping into new audiences.
  • Creating more inroads to your site.
  • Building brand equity.

The point he is making is that, when you miss out on links, you’re missing a crucial aspect of online marketing.

But if the link you want to share isn’t even worth visiting, it doesn’t matter how much you try sharing it with others.  If you haven’t invested enough time and effort in your site by creating linkable assets that are actually valuable to others, then it’s a waste of time to do any kind of link building, isn’t it?  When it comes to the marketing cycle as a whole, link building comes last in the process.

So on that foot, what if you’re a massive brand, and you need an equally large-scale link campaign?  Andrew has written an article for Search Engine Land where he shares his thoughts on scaling manual link building elements that can’t be automated.

For the case of this article, we will assume that the site you’re marketing for is worthy of links and promotion.  The question that has to be answered is, “how do you scale something as “manual” as manual link acquisition?  Simply, it’s by scaling human effort.

Andrew’s article can be read in full by following the link below, which will take you to Search Engine Land.  Check it out!

Search Engine Land: Scaling Manual Link Building