Schema.org – 7 Things For SEOs To Consider Post Hummingbird

Schema screenshot Back in June of 2011, Schema.org was launched.  For those of you who don’t know what Schema is, in a nutshell, Schema is a site that collects schemas, or html tags.  Webmasters use these html tags to markup pages on their site so that major search providers will recognize them.  The search engines includes Bing, Google, Yahoo and Yandex.

With the release of schema.org, there has been an increase of markup implemented websites.  But with this structure markup being tedious to implement, not a lot of webmaster don’t utilize schema.org.  Because Hummingbirds recent release, all thanks to Google,  believes that schema.org may very well become more important.

With Google trying to adapt to entity and category based queries, it could be that schema.org markup will be key.  Web categorization is something that Google is aiming to do.  They want to specify specific entity points, and it would seems schema.org is a way to get this to happen.

John has written an article on schema.org and seven things you should consider post Hummingbird.  Read up on the full article by following link below: