how-google-s-semantic-search-will-change-seo-84bf99485aRemember back in early July when it was reported that Groupon had done an experiment where they totally deindexed their site from Google?  Yeah, I know, it still sounds risky, and everything still ended up fine.  But basically, the results of the experiment came back and the folks at Groupon said 60% of all direct traffic was organic.  That’s a pretty nice chunk of traffic coming through search.

The adventure of deindexing a major site must have been pretty alluring, because it was done again, this time for the Moz site, Followerwonk.  According to Moz, Followerwonk has a good analytic setup, as well as consistent Google traffic, so the site would be a good candidate for the experiment, and plus, they would have a good baseline to compare the new results to.  There were even thoughts of doing this experiment with Moz itself, but I figured that would be a little bit too risky.

The things that were measured and tested included:

  • How fast would Google remove a site from its index
  • How much of Followerwonk’s organic traffic is actually attributed as direct traffic
  • How fast are you able to reintegrate a website back into search results using the URL removal tool

So you want to know what happened?   wrote a post on that explains all three of these points, and gives us the results of the experiment.  What happened?  Did everything turn out the way they expected?  Did they get Followerwonk reindexed in a timely manner?

Check out Cyrus’ post below to find out.

Moz Blog – Experiment: We Removed a Major Website from Google Search, for Science!