??????????????????As a society that consumes content all the time, we are always finding ways to improve not just the content itself, but how we consume the content.  During the digital age of content consumption, we were reading articles, blog posts, and watching YouTube videos, all from the comfort of our laptops and desktop computers.  For a long time, that was the core way of getting the material that we read/watched.

But now, things have taken strides forward in the last several years.  With the advent of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones, we are able to consume our content in a whole new way.  The mobile way.  We can not only do it at anytime, but we can do it anywhere.

As time has ticked by, the amount of mobile users have grown exponentially from the get go, and now we have a completely viable new market for bringing mobile specific content to people.  Now, we are at a point where we need to adapt our content strategy for not just laptop and desktop screens, but multiple devices in general.  As marketers, we need to focus on the bigger picture.  Or in this case, would it be the smaller picture as well?

With more versatility that mobile brings, the more complex our marketing strategies get.  This is where  article on content strategy for a multi-device world comes into play.  In his article, Simon shows us a great approach to a content strategy that will help us with our multi-screen dilemmas that many marketers may have.

To check out Simon’s article, you can go to Moz.com, or follow the link below to go to his article directly.

Moz Blog – Screen Size Matters: Adapting Content Strategy for Multiple Devices