Is SEO Different for Screen Printers?

Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is a strategic process of optimizing your website, and its individual pages and links, so that it will show up higher in the rankings of organic search listings on search engines like Google.  SEO for the screen printing industry uses most of the same search engine optimization tactics as other industries, however, if you’re a local shop you may also have to deal with global competitors like or

Even if these large companies aren’t your “traditional” competitors, they likely show up at the top of every search, even in your home town.  This can be a significant challenge for local screen printers if they don’t know how to adapt their SEO tactics to address it.

How is Thrive Different?

Thrive has been perfecting screen printing SEO for many years now. Our research and experience has shown us which search terms drive new business for screen printers. and which terms are more targeted for a local shop vs. a global design-your-own-shirt type of company.  Combined with your brand, and your location details, we can make sure your business shows up in search and drives new screen printing leads!

Our Proven Screen Printing SEO Process

Audit & Planning

You need to know where you are before you can know how to move forward. For this reason, we like to start all screen printing SEO campaigns with an audit of your website, your local audience, and your competitors. This review is the foundation of our plan, which will help us propel your SEO success in the screen printing market.

Mobile SEO Planning

Is your website mobile friendly?  Does it pass Google’s mobile test?  Beyond that, does it rank well in mobile organic listings for screen printing related searches? And is the navigation and content laid out in a preferred mobile fashion? Since mobile is so important for SEO these days, we’ll make sure all of these elements are set up for mobile SEO success on your search terms.

Local SEO Focus

Most screen printing companies are locally focused. Knowing this, we’ll employ specific local SEO strategies for screen printing (and/or embroidery) related searches, to ensure your business shows up well for your local audience.  Many of our SEO strategies are the same across the board; but when you need to be locally focused, there are some additional tactics to employ to ensure the greatest possible local rankings (especially against the national or global screen printers).

Audience & Keyword Building

Now that we have a great understanding of your business, how and where you need to target, and what kind of competition we’re up against, we can dive into audience-specific keyword planning.  We already know the top lead-generating keywords across the screen printing industry. But we’ll need to define these keywords in tandem with your geographic target(s) and local competitors.  Doing so allows us to build a primary and secondary set of keyword targets to drive new printing leads and profits.

What Others Say

Need SEO Help for your Screen Printing Business?

Thrive SEO experts have been excelling in Search Engine Optimization since 1999.  Back before SEO was even called SEO.  Don’t be fooled by SEO-newbies.  Thrive has the successful track record to prove we know what we’re doing to get your screen printing website ranked!

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