This Script Automates Adding Any AdWords Data To A Google Spreadsheet

Have you ever been frustrated at the amount of time you have to spend creating PPC reports?  You’re not the only one who has.  Luckily, there’s something that can you can do to help deal with it, namely, an AdWords script that was written by !

When Vallaeys was at a conference recently, the severity of the reporting problem became quite clear.  Those in attendance were asked to leave sticky notes that described the most time-consuming aspects of their jobs, and the results were interesting.  Although there were many things that were mentioned, the number one thing that was written down was reporting.

When it comes to reporting, it’s important to try producing something that gives us the data and insights needed, but in a way that is easily repeatable, and even be automated.  There are plenty of tools that can help with that.

Even though having automated reports is a great goal, in reality, there is always going to be times when clients will want an extra piece of data that wasn’t included.  This means that there will always be that one thing that the tool you’re using isn’t going to cover.

So how is it possible to get custom data from AdWords into virtually any reporting engine?  Through a data connector.  One of the best places for marketers to store data is in a spreadsheet.

It’s possible to automate Google Sheets (just like with AdWords) with App Scripts from Google.  Here, you can write some code to make the spreadsheet connect with a data source of our choosing  Along side AdWords scripts, its possible to access your AdWords data and create an automation that lets you specify a template for a report.  After that, you can have it automatically add te requested data on a predetermined schedule.

The following is the AdWords script that lets you put any AdWords data you want into a Google Spreadsheet.  For more information on how to set everything up, go here to read more.

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