Are you tired of reading the countless email newsletters that are constantly appearing in your inbox?  Do you want to drop some awesome SEO knowledge during your new SEO client meeting?  Are you interested in making your SEO strategy appear a bit more elevated, but don’t have the ability to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest trends?  Of course you would say yest to any of these questions in this industry.

Here’s the bottom line – It’s time that your SEO strategy had a revamp – without being sucking up your valuable time.  There are some legit SEO tactics, and your brain needs the time to marinate these tactics for each new client.  Other SEO tactics have disappeared out of existence.  But for those who would like the inside scoop of week-long technical audits and essential how-to’s, you’re pretty awesome.  Anna Crowe has ID’d 101 of her fast-and-quick tips, tricks and secrets that will work quite well!  You should check it out!