Search-Engine-Query-MonitoringAccording to the IAB’s brand new Internet Advertising Revenue Report, during the first have of 2016, digital ad revenues in the US reached $32.7 billion.  Search ad revenue (both desktop and mobile) overall represented 50 percent of the total, which was up 19 percent year over year.

The single biggest growth driver behind the digital ad revenue total was mobile advertising as a channel (which is inclusive of multiple formats), and is up 89 percent since last year, to $15.5 billion.  It was announced by the IAB that mobile “surpasse

[d] Search as the lead ad format for the first time.”

It makes sense that mobile really isnt’ considered a “format,” as it’s more of a collection of formats or a channel (display, social, video, search).  Searcch revenues, when combined, were 16.3 billion, with the desktop contributing $8.9 billion of the total, while mobile generated $7.4 bilion.


In the report, the numbers were generated through sampling a subset of large advertisers, ad platforms/exchanges and publisers, such as some public data, and the extrapolating to the broader internet.  It was pointed out by the report that the majority of deskop advertising revenues are captured (74 percent) by the top 10 ad sellers and big publishers.  In mobile, the wealth is even more concentratedin a smaller group of companies.  Two of these companies include Facebook and Google.

In order, the top-spending advertiser categories in the first half were:

  1. Retail
  2. Financial Services
  3. Auto
  4. Telecom
  5. Leisure Travel
  6. Consumer Packaged Goods
  7. Consumer Electronics & Computers
  8. Pharma & Healthcare
  9. Media
  10. Entertainment

If you would like to read a more complete discussion of the IAB report, check it out at MarketingLand.

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