Search Console URL Inspection API Announced By Google

A brand new URL Inspection API has been recently announced by Google, which provides information about Google’s indexed version of a specific page. This information includes AMP errors, structured data errors, and indexing issues. The API helps SEOs and publishers discover more issues and debug problems with greater ease.

Google listed the common tasks that it does:

  • See the current index status of a URL: Retrieve information about Google’s indexed version of your page. See why Google could or couldn’t index your page.
  • Inspect a live URL: Test whether a page on your site is able to be indexed.
  • Request indexing for a URL: You can request that an URL be crawled (or recrawled) by Google.
  • View a rendered version of the page: See a screenshot of how Googlebot sees the page.
  • View loaded resources, JavaScript output, and other information: See a list of resources, page code, and more information by clicking View crawled page (indexed result) or View tested page (live test).
  • Troubleshoot a missing page: There can be many reasons why a page hasn’t been indexed. URL Inspection can help troubleshoot some of them.

Check out the full post over at Search Console Help.