Recently a new survey of US internet users find that concern over search privacy ranks far behind other online privacy issues.

In the survey, a thousand adults were covered by the Pew Research Center in the US. The survey was conducted last month and it asked a wide range of questions about online privacy.

To read about the survey, you can find it here. Also, you can check out coverage about online privacy here: Report: Almost 90 Percent Concerned About Online Privacy & Trying To Avoid Advertisers.

1 for the survey ask people rank what types of Internet content they felt they were most concerned about protecting:


By looking at the chart above, the ranking items the rank as a “very important” to protect, email top the list at 60 percent. The Madison sunrises when the percentage of those reportings “very important” is combined with those saying “somewhat important.”. Even though this light, email content still tops listed at 81%.

Last year, Pew performed a survey that found 73 percent of users considered the use of search history to personalize search results to be invasion of privacy. That’s still in line with the 69 percent combined figure of those users having concern over there search history. Although, the previous survey didn’t ask about search history in perspective to other forms of privacy issues.

In light of the PRISM revelations, perhaps users have been more concerned over their email before. It could also be that they’ve always been more concerned about that when compared to their search history.