What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-per-Click. It’s actually a bit too specific to describe Online Advertising, because there are other models that are not based on cost per click. But for most of the world, PPC simply means advertising on platforms like Google Adwords.  For those of us who truly understand paid advertising, it also crosses borders into display marketing, social media advertising, and other similar channels.

Amazing Options with (PPC) Paid Advertising

  • Where do you want to target your ads? A specific state? Maybe just the west side of a target city?  We can even target a single neighborhood, or the radius around a competitor’s location(s)!
  • Ads can be focused on driving leads or sales 24/7.  But if you’d prefer, ads can also run only during office hours when someone is available to answer phones. They can also be decreased, or boosted, during targeted days or times.
  • With PPC ads, we can create multiple campaign targets, schedules, and budgets so we have a perfect balance of marketing for differing product and service priorities.
  • The most common type of PPC campaign is through keyword search. But there are great opportunities in mixing ads through multiple channels like display, video, shopping, and social media.
  • With extensive keyword matching options, we can break ads out to be highly targeted for varying customer searches.
  • Because there is such granular control of ads and their targets, creating targeted landing pages for each ad can also significantly increase conversions.

Find Your Customers Where They Hang Out

Search Engine AdvertisingSearch

Social Media AdvertisingSocial

Mobile AdvertisingMobile

Pinpoint Location AdvertisingLocal

Thrive Business Marketing specializes in cross-channel advertising. In fact, we were preaching the need for cross-channel ad strategies nearly a decade ago. The few who listened received the greatest rewards!

Let Thrive show you the way to more sales and/or greater leads… at a much lower cost than Adwords alone.  The trick is to diversify.  Spread your ads out across Google, Bing, and Facebook.  Others can be added in as appropriate for your focus.

The spread of ad focus, along with our expert ad and audience-target strategies, creates a level of repetition and demand that has seen our average client more than triple their quality leads.

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Truth is, if you don’t have PPC ads, you’re missing out on about half of your audience!

To get the greatest attraction (and conversions), you need to have a healthy mix of organic and paid visibility. Thrive Business Marketing experts are long-time digital marketing veterans (some of us 18 years in the business) who know all the greatest ways to win in paid advertising and mixed marketing methods.

Need Local Ads?

There’s no better way to target local customers, than with paid ads!  The level of control and granularity of geo-targeting is amazing!  We can target your city, neighborhood, block, or 50 feet from your business.

Want to target customers who are currently at your competitors location? We can do that too!  Yep, with radius targeting we can pinpoint ads to specifically show to people who are at your competitor’s location(s). Oh man, advertising can be fun!!

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