google-adwords-square-logoWe know that data is important.  Data is the key to being able to make good choices and intelligent decisions when it comes to your SEO campaigns.  Naturally, the more details about the collected data that you get that is missing or incorrect,  the worse your SEO campaigns will be.  That isn’t a good thing.  When you look at your AdWords data, you are only seeing a part of the entire grand scheme of things.  This is where secondary data comes in.

By using secondary data, you can do more with your decisions, and make better recommendations when reporting to your clients.  has written an article that will help you not only learn why data collection is a key thing, but show you what and how secondary data can be applied to your AdWords account.  In addition, you will learn how to evaluate the secondary data and locate examples of secondary sources that you can utilize.

To read all about it, follow the link below and learn about the importance of secondary data.: