The Secret To Staying Relevant With Authorship

Google authorship logo Lately, it seems that Google has really been tightening up on Authorship pages on search.  One one hand, this makes it much tougher to rank if you’re an Author.  If you are an Author, and your content wasn’t bad, but still wasn’t great, you’re not going to appear as easily on search results.  This is because, according to Matt Cutts, Google is tightening up the amount of authors that are shown when doing a search.

Matt was stated as saying, “It turns out if we reduce the amount of authorship we are showing by just about 10 or 15 percent, we’re radically able to improve the quality of the authors that we show.”

Due to this, it can mean more difficulty in getting listed in the results, but if you do show up, you know you must have something going for you.  But how do you stay relevant to remain one of those authors that do appear on the search results?   may have some answers.

In his Search Engine Land post, Jim explains the things you can continue doing, as well as things you should remember to help maximize your chance of turning up on appropriate query results.  He gives us five things to focus on when we want to optimize for authorship results.

To check out his list, as well as the entire post, follow the link below!

Search Engine Land: The Secret To Staying Relevant With Authorship