enterprise-seoBeing an SEO, you know that there is a lot of responsibility when it comes to the number of tasks that needs taking care of an enterprise site.  But figuring out what needs to be done isn’t exactly rocket science.  There are always going to be list items that you can think of that will help improve things around the site, and that list of to-dos can get pretty long.

Here’s the problem.  It’s not thinking of things to do for your site, it’s actually prioritizing and executing them.  At the same time, you have to be able to get the internal buy-in from all the stakeholders.  This includes the bosses, all the way down to the development team.

All the SEOs who really know their stuff has ways to deal with this stuff.  Systems have been built.  Processes and techniques have been perfected from experience.  Frameworks have been created to pick apart large and challenging issues, and break them down into smaller pieces that will help manage them easily.

This is called operational planning.  In an article written by , some of the secrets of successful enterprise SEO is revealed to you.  What’s the best way to get things done in this process?  Mitul helps you out.  In his article, Secrets Of Successful Enterprise SEO Part 1: Operational Planning For SEO, asks several questions, and helps to answer them, like where you are now, and how to get there?

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