WInning Team has been writing a series of columns for Search Engine Land concerning a method used by successful enterprise SEOs to take on the challenge of enterprise SEO.  Understandably, it’s important to make sure that operational planning is put in place.  But even with the best laid plans out there, they won’t mean squat if you can’t execute them.

In the second part of Mitul’s series, he delves deeper into successful enterprise SEO by sharing another secret.  It’s all about the team you build.  Now keep in mind that it isn’t the best talent out there.  It’s more than that.  What you need are people who would bring to the table a unique perspective on the matter.

Part two of Mitul’s column can be found by following the link below.  Will there be more secrets for Mitul to reveal?  We will see!

Secrets of Successful Enterprise SEO Part 2: Building A Winning Team