content-people-01How many of you have ever had the chance to find a site or blog that continuously has a series of interesting posts and articles that are always catching your eye?  If that’s the case, then you probably have always wondered how these blog or site owners can keep coming up with fresh, new and interesting topics and ideas that makes everyone keep coming back to read up on their content.

Well, being a content marketer and having to consistently find new things to talk about can be quite an interesting ordeal.  Here’s where I’d love to throw in some insightful Yoda quote that’ll help solve the problem, but apparently one of Yoda’s talents never included content marketing.

So much for using the Force.

The answer to this situation is, in essence, all around us.  The ideas that we can use to come up with that next great blog post or article is right in front of us, and we just have to open our eyes and see it.  , one of the MozCon community speakers, will show us how we can look at our world differently to see all the possible topics and ideas that can help us come up with the next great post for an article or blog post.

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