Back in 2012, began as a switchboard for business applications.  Rather than configuring data exchange between each of y our tools and the others, you could connect them all through Segment.

Since it’s start, it has evolved.  As an example, at first, it took data from sites and apps ad made that available in analytical tools like Mixpanel or Google Analytics.  Then it added a data warehouse.  Last year, it expanded data sources to include other tools, such as Zendek, Stripe, and Salesforce.

In July of 2017, the company, which had dropped the “.io,” began evolving toward becoming Customer Data Platform. It launched the ability to utilize user behavior captured in one tool as audience segments for another platform.  As an example, users who talked to a help desk in Zendesk about a computer problem could become a segment for an email campaign in SendGrid about a premium computer support service.

This week, Segment has chosen to take the next step in becoming a customer data platform, with the invite-only beta launch of a new product called Personas.  This allows a Segment-using brand to create customer profiles by merging customer data from its Segment-connected tools.

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