SEJ’s Technical Guide to Google’s PageSpeed Insights Reports

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When you’re searching for a particular website. through Google and you find out it’s a really slow site, you probably won’t stay there very long because it would get really frustrating to deal with.

When a web pages takes a bit too long to long, not only will you probably leave it in light of a faster and better website, Google also takes notice as well.

Site speed can either help or deter users from staying on a site, regardless how that site was found.

If you think that your website is too slow, and improving it would really help you out immensely, then there is a guide that can help you out!

Search Engine Journal has a technical guide that shows you how Google’s PageSpeed Insights (PSI) tool works, how to understand the reports it provides, and some ways you can improve page load times across the entirety of your website.

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