Selling Search & Social To The CEO: Measure Business Outcomes

Business outcome In the world of business, it’s pretty difficult to make a sale to the CEO of a business when it come to marketing your product or service to them.  To that CEO, understandably, it’s a pretty hard decision to make.    How will their investment impact the ROI?  How big is the chance that they will end up possibly losing money when the day is done?

These days, digital marketing is getting pretty complex.  There are new tools that will help collect and analyze data.  We’re in the day and age where you either have to adapt with the times, or fall to the way side.  It’s certainly not the way it used to be back in the day.

Because of that, you have to find a reliable way to communicate the value of search and social to the CEO.  Without it, there is no way you’re going to get hired, and that means losing out to more income.  By being able to communicate proficiently with the CEO, you will be able to move forward with executive support, thus giving you the ground work necessary for successful search and social marketing.

For , this isn’t anything new.  He’s written a column on Marketing Land that will give us the foundation of any successful search and social marketing program.  With Jim’s post, you will be able to communicate the real value of the services that you provide to the CEO that may be on the fence about hiring you.

To read the full column, check out the link below on Marketing Land.

Marketing Land: Selling Search & Social To The CEO: Measure Business Outcomes