Podcasts are growing at a rate of knots, with nearly 68 million Americans listening to podcasts on a monthly basis – that’s nearly one in four people across the country!

If you’ve started a podcast, or you’ve considered starting a podcast, then one thing that you definitely need to think about is how to market your podcast.

And that’s something that’s covered in today’s Success Story, which features 2 great guests.

Firstly Deepak Shukla – Founder of Pearl Lemon and the ‘Life, Love and Entrepreneurship’ podcast – a show that he’s managed to get featured in the ‘New & Noteworthy’ section of iTunes twice.

Also joining the chat is CEO & Co-founder of podcast tech company Rebel Base Media, Mark Asquith. Mark’s a podcaster, speaker (including TedX) and content marketer with a background in successful entrepreneurship, startups and building global marketing agencies.