Once biometric authentication becomes as widespread and as heavily used as passwords, logins will become as easy as looking or speaking to your device.

This means that users could easily be logged on as not, which is a great thing for marketers eager to know the identities of their audience.

Recently, biometric authentication has taken yet another step forward towards the future with the announcement of a partnership between embedded AI firm Sensory and tech firm Fujitsu.  With this alliance, the Japanese bank Miuho, which is the 15th largest in the world, will begin using facial authentication.

Sensory was founded in 1994, and focused on employing its neural net artificial intelligence in communications devices, such as smartphones.  The Santa Clara, based firm began employing its AI in support of facial and voice recognition several years ago, which includes  applications in the Jibo personal robot and mobile device from Motorola and LG.

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