top-link-building-ideasWhen it comes to something like link building, there are number of advantages to doing it right.  You get more exposure, more potential consumers come visit your site, and more business is sure to follow.  But, there are a number of link building strategies that people utilize that end up blowing up in their faces, which can end up doing more damage than good.

If you’re looking to improve your ranking in the long term, there’s a thing that many call a holistic SEO strategy.  With this strategy, you should be able to avoid certain link building tactics.  There are plenty articles that point out the dos of link building, but we aren’t going to be pointing you to any of those in this post.  Here, we are going to show you a post written by Marieke van de Rakt that describes link building DON’TS – tactics that you should not be using.

If you’d like to check it out, follow the link below!

Search Engine Journal: SEO 101: Link Building: What Not to Do