local-seo-services-e1394754256993As many of you know, Google loves to change up their algorithms.  They like to change up a lot.  Google tends to change their search algorithm around 500-600 times every year.  If you were one of the ones who wasn’t aware of this, it’s time you know.  But, for the most part, there shouldn’t be much to be worried about, despite the amount of changes doe every year, according to Moz.  This is because most of these updates aren’t really SEO altering updates, they’re just minor changes.

It’s the big updates you’ll want to concern your self with. We’re talking Panda and Penguin level updates.

Moz has recommended that marketers should be aware of “the dates of these Google updates,” as it “can help explain changes in rankings and organic website traffic and ultimately improve search engine optimization.”  So make it a point to keep up with the updates so that your SEO doesn’t take a nose dive.  After all, Google only owns over 67% of the search engine market.  So if  you aren’t paying attention to Google and their updates, well, I don’t have to mention what’ll happen to your website you’ve worked so hard on.

Now that it’s the tale end of 2014, we have a full new year to look ahead to.  Albert Costill will lead us on an adventure through a post he’s written in regards to three different things:

  • The launch of Google My Business
  • A major Pigeon update
  • Significant changes with Carousel

How have these three things impacted local SEO?  Albert will explain, as well as provide some tips to take with us into 2015.

Search Engine Journal: SEO 101: How Local SEO Changed in 2014 and How to Get Ready for 2015