SEO-in-2014If it wasn’t obvious enough, 2013 was the year that changed SEO forever.  This was the crucial year that told all SEO marketers to make sure you put the needs of the user first.  Why?  After huge updates like Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird, social integration and enhancements to the SERPs, it’s pretty easy to realize that all these things have one thing in common.

The user.

The changes that have been made are causing marketers to re-evaluate how they do business.  What must they do to keep up?  They need to think more about the value of their content that is created for users and then do what they must to communicate that value to the search engines.

 has a post available on Search Engine Land called SEO Changed Forever In 2013. How To Adjust And Thrive In 2014.  In this post, he talks about the key innovations in search for 2013, and the ways an SEO marketer can get ahead of the game in the year to come.

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