google-logoIf you checked your Google organic search traffic last Friday, you may have noticed that Google could have tweaked their search ranking algorithm, which could have caused your site to be ranking higher or lower or the same depending on if this update has impacted your web pages. As of this report, this update hasn’t been confirmed by Google, but based on lot of chatter in the search community, it could actually happen.

On Friday, it seemed that there had been a couple updates during that 24 hour period, which includes an update that seems to focus on core web search, and a smaller update that was likely around local rankings in Google.

At the time this news broke, the folks at Search Engine Land had emailed Google and had been waiting for an update on the situation.  There has been some debate in the search community that there had been an update, but a large number of ‘SEOs’ had said that they saw ranking changes in their verticals. It doesn’t seem that it’s a specific industry, but rather across all industries and verticals.

There had even been updates in different search ranking tracking tools, such as Mozcast, SERP Metrics, Alogoroo, and Accuranker.  Mozcast had shown the highest temperatures than they’ve seen in a long time.

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