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Search engine optimization (SEO) is a digital marketing strategy that helps organizations improve their online presence to gain more clients. SEO is beneficial for every industry, from SEO for family law firms to retail to restaurants and so on. This strategy not only intends to increase the organic traffic to your website but also the quality of the traffic generated and content promoted. A good SEO campaign requires understanding the algorithm of search engines and the target audience. As someone in the legal field, you may wonder if SEO is important for your firm. The answer is yes, and here’s why. 


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Why Law Firms Should Care About SEO

Just about everyone utilizes a search engine to find the services or products they need, but the extent of their search doesn’t go past the first page of search results. The National Law Review found that 96% of people searching for legal services use search engines, making high rankings and a user-friendly site vital. Effective SEO for bankruptcy law firms, corporate law firms, and other firms, helps your business's site improve in every aspect to appeal to search engines and expand your reach to a larger audience.  

Essential Benefits of SEO for Law Firms

As a niche field, SEO for lawyers is most beneficial when provided by an SEO agency for law firms. At Thrive, our experience covers many industries, including the legal field. With our expert, technical SEO services, you can be assured you’re working with a vendor that understands not only search engines and your business, but also your audience. We have worked hard to bring tools and services together, each perfect for law firms, with a localized focus to increase effectiveness, providing your firm with the following essential benefits of SEO for family law and beyond.  

Increased Site Traffic  

SEO works to generate more traffic to your website through better rankings by ensuring the use of relevant and high-quality content and keywords. An SEO strategy anticipates the specific information and phrases people search for, so search engines push your site higher up on a search results page. Quality content that specifically targets your intended market increases traffic, improving your firm’s chance of reaching clients who need your assistance. 

Improved Client Acquisition 

SEO is about more than increasing traffic; it's also about converting traffic into leads that generate revenue. Effective SEO strategies highlight the importance of high-quality, localized content. As a law firm, you represent clients within your city, county, or state, meaning you compete with local competition instead of national or global ones. When people search for legal services, they include phrases like “near me” or in a specific area. By optimizing your site with local SEO, you rank higher for these search parameters and improve your acquisition of local clients.

Increased Credibility 

Higher rankings on your firm’s website improve the perceived authority of your firm, attracting more clients with high-quality cases. The increased traffic and clients from high rankings lead to your site collecting more positive reviews that improve your reputation in your niche and attract even more clients. When people search for a law firm and see that others have had positive experiences, it shows them your firm is trustworthy and provides high-quality services. With more positive reviews than your competitors, you can outrank them as a credible resource that more people will choose.

The Bottom Line

You can hire an online marketing agency in just about any town across America. But don’t trust your marketing and business growth opportunities to just anyone—contact Thrive, where we specialize in SEO for family law, tax law, and more. With our SEO, your website will gain essential local traffic, giving your firm a competitive edge in your area.

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Thrive’s ability to support all aspects of website development from conception to completion to management of day-to-day has allowed EleVen’s eCommerce business to experience rapid growth and created an overall wonderful shopping experience for our customers.

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[Thrive] is extremely responsive to requests and thorough in deliverables... listens well to needs and makes every effort to tie solutions to the stated needs or objectives!